Our Mission

My name is Rusty, owner and senior guide of Ri Adventure Travel LLC.

Our specialty are repeatable trips, trips you would do again. They are trips that are active, and best expressed as “wow”.

A Great travel trip experience runs short of expletives, “wow, that’s amazing”, “ooh, wow, look at that”, “wow, that’s incredible”; soon it’s apparent that “wow” plays an important role in the vocabulary of conversations, your diary, and on video. The experience is both rewarding, and worthy of bragging rights. Eventually our guests simply explain their travel experience as a “wow trip”.

Travelers on Ri Adventures Travel who trek the green terraced valleys and look at the snowy Himalaya peaks; or are up early to watch Machu Picchu at sunrise; who bicycle and walk the mind-bogglingly “endless” Great Wall; or who sit quietly in a Tibetan monastery with hundreds of lamas chanting; or who rise early to quietly approach giant tortoise in the Galapagos, these are travelers who frequently use “wow”.

On numerous occasions, settling down in a comfortable lodge after a day of kayaking and walking the Amazon Rainforest with parrots/spider monkeys & poison dart frogs, or sitting quietly on a colorful prayer flag draped pass above Rungbuk monastery with Mt Everest towering high above us in Tibet or when stopping to quietly admire sword-bill hummingbirds near Machu Picchu, I am asked “Rusty how do you know a trip is a great trip”. I smile because I love this question. The answer is easy actually, “besides the smiles on everyone’s face, I look for how often we all use our cameras. Whether it’s wildlife or culture or scenery or a combination of these, the atmosphere of “I have to show everyone at home this”, that is a “wow trip”.

Ri Adventures Travel specializes in the “wow factor”.

Contributing to the “wow factor” are important components: a talented and experienced trip leader, logistics preparation, listening to our guests needs & wishes and of course great communication of expectations. Decades of experience between Ri staff and our partners in the field consistently takes care of ensuring a “wow factor” atmosphere that permeates the trip.

Call us with your questions. Enjoy the day and thank you for the visit.

Tashi Dalek, Rusty