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The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most remote and beautiful nations in the world.

BEST OF BHUTAN Nov 08-20 2018 (click here)
GomKora Festival ~ Haa Valley Trek

Our exclusive adventures in 2018 enjoys cultural contact, a remote old world dance festival, day hikes, natural history, quality time, photographic and artistic inspiration.

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In recent years direct international flights, the Internet, and television have increasingly modernized the capital of Thimphu (amazingly Thimphu still lacks a traffic light, and instead uses a white gloved, whistling police officer who puts on a show of hand gestures to direct traffic).

Bhutan is strongly agrarian and Buddhist with large white monasteries seemingly everywhere, and it feels very “old world.” Here, the guiding philosophy of “Gross National Happiness” (GNH) does seem to be a part of Bhutanese life.

Bhutan is a small country of immense diversity nestled between high elevation Tibet to the north and the sub-tropical Indian states of Sikkim and Assam to the south. The southern border is under 600 feet in elevation. The then middle hills rise quickly from the lowlands and give way to the northern Himalayan summits rising up to over 24,000 feet. In between the low and high country are numerous cultures, languages, vast forests of old growth pine, hemlock, rhododendron trees and huge flowering magnolias. The abundant flora and fauna include hundreds of species of birds including the rare and graceful Black-necked Cranes, hornbills and fire-birds.

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The Bhutanese people like their progressive king, and they are also learning about democracy processes. While you are traveling through a landscape of terraced fields you will also find modern features like solar panels perched a-top a farm house made of rammed-earth. Seeing thousands of years old technology working alongside modern technology is a little strange, but the Bhutanese use what works, and supports “GNH.”

Travelers arrive in Bhutan to experience the culture more intently by walking its trails, and visit it’s villages. Visiting during traditional “tsechu” events or mask dance festivals is another way to understand the cultures of Bhutan. A Tsechu Festival is a social gathering that binds the moral and religious fiber of this nation and its peoples. Travelers come away with not just carpets and yak bells, but with an experience of culture that draws them to return again and again to walk the trails among the Himalaya of Bhutan.

Click on The Best of Bhutan and come travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan, one of the best treasures on earth. You will experience a very kind people who welcome polite visitors to explore their Himalayan Kingdom.

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