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Forbidden Palace guardian lion with the world under the lions paw. photo by RBD


…. Runners on the Great Wall and Potala Palace steps in Lhasa

It’s time …. Zǒuba ~ Lets Go

Your adventure in China Will Be Amazing!
An eye opening adventure providing personal interaction with local folks all the while actively seeing, walking and hiking among the treasures of China.


Walk, hike and of course run the great Walls of China. Begin at the beginning of the Great Wall with a run, then hike and run a combination of Great Wall sections comprising the rebuilt and the “Wild Wall” segments. Bullet train from Beijing to Xian and then explore the amazing Mt Huashan trails (possibly the most amazing hike of your life), and then run the massive mid-evil fortress wall of Xian.


Visit the Wall Less Traveled, Bullet Train from Beijing to Xian. A gondola zooms us to the summit for a hike of sacred Mt Huashan, enjoy the Terra Cotta Warriors, and back streets of Xian, 1st class express train to Lhasa Tibet, travel across Tibet to Mt Everest BC to hike, and then on to fabled Kathmandu.

China is a “developing” country, though cities are pretty modern. Now China has Starbucks, space exploration vehicles, incredible sky scrapers, highways, and bullet trains (which we continue to lack). Their society is a fascinating mix of ancient traditions, Twentieth Century political change, and current economic explosion. Chinese people are friendly, enjoy great food, history, traditions are important, as is courtesy to guests. Customs are different, but learning about those few differences is a huge part of the fun.

China has a long history. Agrarian societies over 9000 years ago in the center of China raised crops, and baked bread. There are complex stone architecture, cities and walls, as well as written languages over 5000 years old.

The cultural antiquities of China attract us; the amazing army of life size Terra Cotta Warriors of Xian, walking on part of the thousands of miles of the Great Wall of China; Forbidden Palaces, giant Buddha statues, and many other treasures to see and experience. Visiting China’s living history helps us know and experience China’s greatest treasure; its peoples. China is a pretty amazing place.

The people of China are friendly, and at RiAdvTvl we have guides who speak “California” English, and who quickly become your knowledgeable friends as they help you learn about and discover China.

Lets cover a couple of basic items.
What do the Chinese call the USA?
The USA is “Měiguó” (phonetically “May-gua”) Which means “beautiful land.” Pretty cool name isn’t it?

What do the Chinese people call their country? (they don’t say “China”)
China is “Zhōngguó” (phonetically you might say “tzoong-gua”) Which means the “middle kingdom.” The city of Xi’an (phonetically “shee-on”) is the historic political and cultural center of China, it is the “middle kingdom.” It is also the start or finish of the famous trade route, the “Silk Road”.

The best way to learn about China is not on our TVs, but to go there, and walk the streets, sit at a cafe with a cup of tea while enjoying dim-sum and pot stickers all the while chatting with local Chinese. To get to know China and it’s people it’s best to walk. You are going out into the country-side, and walk through villages, fields, on top of Great Walls, up mountains, through parks and neighborhoods. Come join us as we visit China – Zhōngguó.

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