Forbidden Palace guardian lion with the world under the lions paw. photo by RBD


GomKora Festival & Haa Valley Trek

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GomKora Festival & Haa Valley Trek
BEST OF BHUTAN Nov 08-20 2018

Rusty will be leading GomKora Festival and Trek March 24-April 10 2018. Rusty’s “second home” are the Himalayas of Nepal and Bhutan. With a background in cultural anthropology focused on the Himalaya and high Andes. Rusty has worked, studied and guided dozens of adventures in Bhutan/Nepal & Tibet.

In Bhutan, colorful birds like Ms Goulds, and endemics like Golden Langurs and other exotic wildlife are the norm. Just as are the FORESTS of rhododendrons (not bushes, but tall trees!), and exotic wildlife. This is why we particularly enjoy visiting the more remote areas of Bhutan.
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