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Wow, is the best word for Ecuador if you like wildlife, great coffee, snorkeling and friendly people. Rusty created a great trip for us and I think Nepal or Bhutan are next in our future. Anita B. - Ecuador Accolade
Galapagos snorkeling everyday is world class fun!


The Galapagos Islands
Amazon Rainforest Jungle Lodges
Wildlife & Natural History, Indigenous Peoples, Village Markets

The Enchanted Galapagos by Vessel or Land In a world of travel choices, the Galapagos Islands with their giant tortoises and endemic wildlife really are a “Once in a Lifetime” experience. The Islands are a “repeatable” destination for many Ri Adventure Travel trip members. Wildlife is approachable, curious and/or might just ignore you. The naturalists who accompany us allow for quality close encounters.

The Galapagos Is A Paradise On Earth. The Galapagos’ archipelago conjures up many images and expectations; it is a place to be explored. The Galapagos Islands bring to mind coves of clear turquoise colored waters; sea birds, dolphins, whales, and sun drenched beaches. Travel is possible using a 16 passenger live-aboard yacht or staying in mangrove surrounded lodges; which is the best choice for you? A lodge allows one to enjoy and explore the treasures of the Galapagos while having the comforts of a well-appointed lodge Yacht live-aboard travel allows visits to more remote national park visitor sites on the outer islands. Both ways of travel include experienced guides to help introduce you to an explorers dream come true

Hyperbole it’s not, a visit to the Galapagos is a “Trip of a Lifetime.”
Amazon Lodges are similar in design and services, but they specialize in specific species opportunities; monkeys, poison dart frogs, macaw, tapir, birding (twitchers or “lifers” love the Amazon) and other wildlife. The “generalist” is exited, thrilled by, “well generally everything”. The lodges listed by RiAdvTvl repeatedly enjoy a large variety of species encounters. But for those who have a specific species request, call Ri Adventure Travel for a recommendation on which lodge offers a heightened opportunity for a particular critter or environment.

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