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The Islands are a paradise on earth; a destination where wildlife is not afraid, but rather curious. The Galapagos archipelago conjures up many images, and expectations; they sound like a place to be explored. The Galapagos bring to mind islands surrounded by coves of clear turquoise colored waters; of sea birds, dolphins, whales, and sun drenched beaches. In the Galapagos Islands one can enjoy and explore all of these and much more by having a beautiful room, views that inspire writers and poets, the comforts of a well appointed lodge and experienced guides to help introduce you to an explorers dream come true. Hyperbole it’s not, the Galapagos are really that good, and they fit that phrase “The Trip of a Lifetime”.

The lodges of the Red Mangrove offer a series of tours to fit your time availability. Rusty is experienced in the Galapagos. I’ve been nearly everywhere these trips visit during all the seasons of the year. These lodges are an excellent way to experience the Galapagos Islands. Honeymoon folks looking for romance and adventure or a family wishing to expand their knowledge and experience, the lodges of the Red Mangrove are likely to have an adventure to meet your wishes. Call and chat with Rusty about the choices.

The Galapagos is an archipelago of islands were discovered and named by a Spanish Bishop who became lost at sea. A cycle of “discovery” took place for decades between Spanish and English ships (usually lost themselves). The Galapagos Islands lie 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, and although the Islands have official Spanish names, researchers and many map makers often use the English names dating back to Darwin’s voyage. “Darwin’s Enchanted Isles” is an unofficial name you may encounter for this UNESCO World Heritage site.

These Islands are one of the treasures we can all appreciate, they are not only beautiful, they include wildlife that lack a fear of humans. Rare birds may approach you, basking seals may sniff and investigate you, immense and ancient tortoises will pay little or no attention to you. “I’ve walked slowly to within a few yards of Galapagos hawks, yellow crowned night herons, and fur seals to observe and photograph them. Walk, swim, snorkel, and ride as you explore the Islands.

Geologically young, the Islands are created over a “hot-spot” resulting in both dormant and active volcanoes. The archipelago includes 18 larger islands and about 100 significant rock islets, many of which you may explore by snorkeling. There are 14 islands with human inhabitants or with national park “visitor sites,” some islands and islets are only visited by researchers for scientific study.

Give a ring to Rusty with questions, to check availability and to make a reservation.
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