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Myanmar ~ Burma


Cultural Past and Present
Bagan Temples For As Far As The Eye Can See
Stupas and Temples Of Gold, Monks Draped In Yellow
Colorful Festivals & Dolphins & Bagan Sunrises and Irrawaddy Sunsets

Myanmar:: Plain of Bagan ~ Festivals of Fire & Yellow Robes ~ Dolphins

Variety and diversity is a hallmark of Myanmar. It’s not just that Myanmar has ocean beaches and snowy peaks on the edge of the Himalaya, but in between there are minority tribes, far flung cultures and languages too. There are animists, Muslims, Christians and of course the 87% of the people who are Buddhist.

Myanmar sits as a crossroads of trade between the giants of India and China as well as South East Asia. Myanmar is a potpourri destination for 3000 years and it’s now open again. With all of this and much more, Myanmar is also very friendly, and it’s a destination you will wish to repeat. The full itinerary you can click on and a brief itinerary is below that points out the well timed highlights of this trip. The Plain of Bagan is a fantastic highlight to see. Mandalay; it’s temples and monasteries are highlight enough, but will have the added extra ordinary fun of the Irrawaddy Dolphins. Inle Lake and it’s minority tribes and cultures are going to be fascinating. The icing for this adventure is the careful timing to see these places with the added fun of festivals… wow, what a great adventure.

“Dolphins?” Yes, Really … Irrawaddy Dolphins
A significant highlight of RiAdvTvl tours is our presence supports a threatened cultural and natural treasure. The Burmese government and the Wildlife Conservation Society, and others have provided protection for the rare Irrawaddy River Dolphin with an eco-tourism component for the villagers involved near Mandalay. A visit to Myanmar has many great features, and one of those features can be an important aspect beyond your own witnessing of the dolphins in action. It’s that our presence adds weight to the preservation of an ancient animal and human cultural interaction. This is not Disneyland, so we don’t know that the dolphins will appear and help the village fishermen, but the chances are very good. This is very good eco-tourism feature that directly impacts the villagers, supports their way of life, and indirectly lets the local and national governments know there is an economic and cultural value to protecting the very rare Irrawaddy Dolphins.

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