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Say “Nepal“ and impossibly high mountains come to mind. This would be true, there are over 200 summits of more than 20,000 feet. Ten of the worlds highest peaks are snowy Himalayan Summits along the northern border of Nepal.

Nepal is repeatable. Nepal possesses the greatest diversity of any country on earth. This is why so many travelers love and return to Nepal, it’s friendly people, the cultures, the terraces, and of course Nepal’s photogenic scenery from jungle to snowy spin-drift Himalayan summits.

There are 38 separate languages, 3 major religions in Nepal. The trail from Mt. Everest (29,035’ summit) descends to the jungle rainforests at only 175 feet above sea level. Between the heights and the jungles are terraced fields, forests with Giant Rhododendron trees taller than telephone poles, and a very kind and gentle people with a long and storied history. Your trail will be among 4 to 8 different cultures who inhabit “elevation niches” on the mountain slopes of Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is fascinating and photogenic because of this diversity of people and environments, as they are in constant change as you hike.

Travelers visit Nepal for the unbelievable mountain views, but begin planning a return because of the people they encounter, their hospitality, their smiles, their diversity, and their kindness to guests walking the mountain trails of Nepal.

“Best of Treks” are repeatable journeys, that you would like to keep secret and only wish your friends to know about. Like a great fishing location, you don’t want the “word to get out” except to your friends. So please, just tell only your friends about these trips. Dates chosen take advantage of the best possible weather. Give us a ring when you have a question.

Machhapuchhare Himal :: The Secret Side of The Fish Tail
The Fishtail Secret

Quick Notes: Shorter trek, Himalayan rock towers, few other trekkers. Fall has blue sky weather. Spring has excellent rhododendrons, flowers and birds.
Calorie Burn: Moderate

This is a guaranteed trek with with just two or more travelers. Set your date and back your duffel for the experience of a life time.

Cycling Laughter & Elephants Too. Quick Notes: Multi-sport with one sport being riding the original SUV. Oh yes, an 8000 foot 55 mile descent from the Himalaya to “tiger infested” jungles, ha. Time needed: 14 Days :: Calorie Burn: Easy & Moderate +

Up front lets say these treks are challenging, for those in good shape, these three treks can provide bragging rights. Casually mention one of these treks at a pot-luck party and you may get blank stares. Or, confused looks of “why would you do that?” Explorers like Eric Shipton know your kind of wanderlust, you’re interested in going beyond where others have stopped, to see what greater treasures exist. Some travelers look for a challenge, others look for a photograph rarely seen or never taken.

Call Ri Adventure Travel and speak with our trekking expert Rusty, he’ll help you create your trek of a lifetime.