Dhaulagiri Circumnavigation

Hiking Around Dhaulagiri :: The Greatest Wall On Earth, 14,000 feet :: Hidden Valley

Options include: a Mt. Everest flight, a 3 day elephant and wildlife safari, or visiting the great ruins of Angkor Wat
Dhaulagiri Circumnavigation

This is one of the three greatest treks of the Nepal and the Himalaya. Trek into the “dead zone”. Enter Hidden Valley where bharial blue sheep and snow leopards live along with a few talented or slightly crazy climbers who venture to climb the worlds highest peaks. This trek is not at all easy, only a few will attempt or accomplished this “walk in the Park” because it is remote, it’s high, it will be cold, and it will be stunningly beautiful. An adventure worthy of bragging rights.

Take deep long breaths, drink more then 3 liters of fluids and each day, all day long, take a lot of irresistible photographs.

Time Needed:
March 25 – April 16 (Total of 23 days in Nepal)

Day 01 ~ 02 Arrive Kathmandu Nepal, met and transferred to you hotel. Elevation 4464 feet. Free time to explore and sightseeing a few of the “must do’s” of Kathmandu.

Day 03 Overland on the windy road to Pokhara and our comfortable lakeside hotel. Mountains, terraces and more huge towering mountains. Elevation 1800 feet.

Day 04 ~ 21 Trek into the foothills of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalaya. Photograph Machupucchare from many angles and then there will be more and more spectacular peaks. Your camera will be in constant use, capturing peoples faces, culture, and dramatic mountain images. The is adventure is very photogenic, every day. Camping and guest houses. Elevations between 1800 and passes of 17,000 feet

Day 21 ~ 23 Return to Kathmandu. Personal time, power shopping for Christmas and take in more of the sites. We often call Kathmandu a “five day city”, there is so much to see and experience. Sherpa’s return you to the airport for your onward journeys.

There are many options possible; cycling, Mt. Everest flight-seeing, visiting the ruins of Angkor Wat etc., just ask. Nepal is like a second home for us, so we enjoy welcoming others to explore one of the most diverse and repeatable destinations on our planet.