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Say to a friend; “I’m going to Peru”, and they may respond with “wow that is so cool”. While at the same time their thoughts turn to …

Lost Civilizations & Empires :: Inca & Machu Picchu :: Historical Ruins :: Indigenous Peoples :: Weaving & Textiles :: Colonial Influences :: Lamas & Alpacas :: Amazon Forests & Wildlife :: Andean Mountains & Deserts

Peru is the recorded history of 5000 years of sophisticated cultures and traditions. The history of Peru has left mysterious ruins and monuments that imbue skills that are a marvel of ingenuity and wonder to us all today.

Peru is a country with famous names, world heritage sites and places to be explored like; Machu Picchu, Nasca Lines, the mountain city of Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca with its floating villages and island cultures.

To learn about what Peru is today, to gain perspective and understanding of its beauty, its history, and its smiling peoples, one needs to get out of the bus, and walk a little bit. This is the focus of these excellent trips. “Focus” is a good choice of words because whether you use a camera or capture what you see with your eye, your senses will be on overdrive to capture the diversity of Peru coming at you each day you are in Peru. You’ll want to do everything, and that’s impossible with just one visit, just know that Peru is a “repeatable”, you’ll return to do more.

“Think Peru and Go