A wonderful trip. Definitely a highlight! The Amazon Basin Lodges. - William Carlos Williams
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Ecuador & peru

Amazon Basin

Cool fast facts. The Amazon is the worlds oldest continuous rain-forest at over 55 million years, resulting in huge biodiversity.
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One of the most exciting destinations in Ecuador and Peru is the Amazon Basin. Accessed easily with a short 50 minute aircraft flight, your flight is met by lodge staff and then you’ve a 2 hour; large motorized canoe ride down or up river into the old growth forests of the Amazon Basin. Slip on the provided knee high rubber boots, grab binoculars and camera and go quietly through the forest with your naturalist. The lodges food is great and the experience is rich in discovery.

Deep forest lodges have many critters in common, but all lodges also have their specialties. All of these lodges will thrill a first time visitor. But if you have a speciality that you wish to see, then give Rusty a call as he’s visited and photographed from all of these lodges repeatedly.

In Ecuador we enjoy sending travelers to the old growth forest lodges of; La Selva Jungle Lodge; Kapawi Eco-lodge, and Sacha Lodge. In Peru we send travelers to; Manu Wildlife Center; Tambopata National Reserve; Lake Sandaval and Heath River Lodges. They are all rather similar in style and costs are not so different, but, again, they do differ in some specialties or services.

Rusty is a “wildlife nut”, he’s been to many or most of the lodges in Ecuador and Peru to photograph poison dart frogs, monkeys, marmosets, taper, and birds. “Nature is fascinating to observe, from camouflage leaf litter frogs and walking sticks, to lemon ants to giant river otters and ant eaters. “Going to the Amazon is very repeatable, and the fun is new experiences happen every time; new animals (jungle dog, marine mouse possum, tyra stealing bananas, spider monkeys, night monkeys, taper lick, etc). Feel free to call and ask him questions or to reserve one of the lodges.

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