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Outfitters and Gear RustyTraveler trusts for quality and experience.

We receive no compensation from these recommendations, we just like to acknowledge good organizations and great people.

Climb & GoTrek
Would you like to climb a significant peak? You will be hard pressed to find a better qualified outfitter than GoTrek, a Pacific Northwest climbing outfitter owned and operated by veteran mountaineer and climbing guide Craig Van Hoy. Celebrating 30 years of mountain climbing guide experience. GoTrek leads climbs on all 7 continents and to the worlds highest summits. Check out the GoTrek site, it’s impressive. If you chat with Craig, tell him Rusty says Hi.

Ortlieb Gear
If you are traveling around the world or wish to have gear that could, then check out Ortlieb Gear. We’ve been using Ortlieb duffels for 12 years now, their saddle bags on bicycles and motorcycles too, even their coffee filters (ha), and we love them. Our 12 year old duffel’s have been; kayaking the Amazon twice, to Mt. Everest BC 5 times, across Tibet 7 times, numerous trips to Peru and Ecuador as well as bicycling in China a half dozen times; all without a failure of any component. Ortlieb gear works, works everyday, all day, week in and week out. We own many Ortlieb products, they initially cost more, but we don’t need to replace them due to wear and tear or failures, they are indeed a joy to use. Ortlieb makes gear that is “good for distance”. If you contact Ortlieb, tell them Rusty said Hi.

These are quality products and are owned by really nice people who enjoy helping others.

““Las Vegas Harpist”“:
Mishelle is a really nice person who is one of only a few pop-harpists in Las Vegas. She played beautifully at our wedding, and then at dinner parties over the following years. She usually knows any song I can think of, but if not, she quickly learns it. She even played country westerns at one dinner party. When you have special occasion, give her a ring. If you do give her a ring, let her know Rusty says Hi. Email:

Forrest Fine Furniture
Forrest is mentioned here not just for being a really nice guy, but for the dreamy heirloom, hand made furniture he makes. He loves every piece, he barely is able to part with them, and you wont want to either. He has some pieces ready to take home, but he does many custom pieces to meet his clients wishes. He is exacting, detailed in his work, and you will be pleased. If you do contact him, let him know Rusty says Hi.

Lekali Coffee Estate
Lekali Coffee Estates was begun in 2007 by Mingma D Sherpa. Lekali Coffee started out, even prior to growing coffee trees, as a socially responsible, sustainable oportunity for local farmers. Local people villagers are challenged to make ends-meet and put their kids into school, Lekali Coffee is making a difference. A school is now built providing educational opportunities to 5 villages within walking distance of the coffee farms. The coffee farm is new product for villagers, but the future looks bright. If you would like to know more, email Lekali from their website. Lekali is making a difference.