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The Travelex user friendly site. Mouse click for Travelex Insurance Choices

The information is not in annoyingly tiny font, but rather is easy to read and to navigate in, it’s a nice site. If you would prefer a “real” brochure, let us know and we’ll put one in the mail to you. When you have questions about what trip insurance does or does not cover, just ask us or give a ring to Travelex. 800.228.9792

Hello, my name is Rusty and welcome to Ri Adventure Travel.
It’s fun to chat about travel; it’s exciting to make plans and dream of experiences that are coming.

Your trip is going to be great. You’ve been planning this adventure a long time, and it is going to be   “the trip of a life time.”

Your trip is also both a commitment of time, significant resources, and as we all know …. life happens.

The purchase of trip cancellation insurance is strongly encouraged. Rusty has helped travelers with Travelex Insurance for over a decade. There are several good companies out there; we’ve found the best coverage and least hassle for our traveling guests to be with Travelex.

We suggest and we sell Travelex trip insurance and are happy to do so. But the main point is that we strongly advise trip members to purchase Trip Cancellation insurance, and to do so from a company with a great reputation.

Travelex policy protection can be comprehensive and include; cancellation for any reason, trip cancellation and interruption, medical expenses and emergency evacuation assistance, baggage delay, travel document and luggage loss. In many developing world countries medical facilities and rescue services (like helicopters) may require payment prior to providing services and a medical evacuation can be tens of thousands of dollars or more than $100,000 dollars for a medical transfer and return to the United States.

A couple of stand-out features of Travelex policies are: Pre-existing medical conditions are covered on most plans when you purchase Travelex trip cancellation insurance within 21 days of reserving your trip.

Young people under 18 years of age are complementary under most plans when accompanied by a covered adult family member.

When you decide to purchase one of the Travelex Insurance policies, Ri Adventure Travel LLC can do this for you, or you may purchase your policy through their site (link above) or by calling directly to Travelex. Their staff is great about answering the phone quickly, and they of course also have all the answers to your questions too.

If you contact Travelex, their agent will ask if you if you have a “location number” and that number would be #47-0131 or just say Ri Adventure Travel. The Travelex direct phone number is 800.228.9792.

Thank you for contacting us.

When you have questions, we’re ready to assist.

Have a great trip and enjoy the day,

Wm. Rusty BrennanDubbs
Owner, Ri Adventure Travel LLC