2018 Asia and Latin America Travel Classes

Classes are provided each quarter at the University of Washington. Please contact the university most convenient for you to register.
Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at RiAdvTvl. Helping travelers …. travel is what we do.

Travel to Asia: From Myanmar to Bhutan and Nepal
When should you go? What are the “weather windows” for Asia and SE Asia? What should I bring, vs what can I find there? What are the logistics of travel in Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar or Thailand? How cool is Angkor Wat and how do I get there? Is Mt Everest Base Camp a great choice or should I hike in the Annapurna Region, what are the differences? How long does the trek take and by what route? What challenges are there with; health, visas, trekking permits and regulations, altitude, hotels, guest houses, Sherpa, porters, cultural do’s and do nots? What is the money situation in Asia; credit cards vs cash.
Lots of topics and countries to cover in a short 3 hour class. These classes are fun and go fast.

South America: Machu Picchu, Ecuador, and the Amazon
How do I get around in Peru. What about health, safety, money, visa’s, Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, Amazon Basin, or Nazca?
Should I take the train or trek to the great ruins of Machu Picchu, and by what route?
Should I visit Lake Titicaca and how do I get there? Where else should I visit?
What is there to see in or near Quito Ecuador? Where else should I visit in Ecuador and how do I get there?
Are you going to the Galapagos, perhaps visiting the Amazon Basin?
Yes, if you can, visit the Amazon is is Amazing. We’ll cover how to, when to, where to go.
Rusty repeatedly visits more than 15 lodges in the Amazon because it’s just such a wonderful environment and you too may really like it.

These classes will help you a lot with your journey.
Additional information on travel in other Asia and Latin American counties will be covered based on interests and questions.
Whether you are traveling independently or with an tour company for 30 years Rusty has helped folks travel in Asia and Latin America. Come learn about this part of the world!

Questions, have a chat with Rusty. 888.460.4404